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You must be commended if you’ve decided to get your GED to move ahead at school or work. It isn’t easy making a significant change, but you’ll be happy to know that getting your GED in Ohio isn’t all that difficult!

If you live in Ohio and have withdrawn from high school, you can enjoy a more stable future with the GED. This site is the only official one for the test, so let’s go through the process and answer your questions.


FAQs for Earning a GED in Ohio

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How to Get a GED in Ohio

Attention Ohio residents ages 18 and older: you can get your GEDⓇ credential if you left high school without graduating. If you’re between 16 and 17 years of age, submit a copy of the current withdrawal form signed by your administrator and a consent form signed and notarized by your parent or guardian.

Ohio requires the administration of a computer-based test format. You can take the test online at your convenience or at an official test center. If you take the test online, it costs $144; if you take it in person at a test center, it’s $144.

The good news is that the State of Ohio subsidizes the test, and first-time test-takers in Ohio get a voucher worth up to $80. Ohio officials avoid a prohibitive price, allowing more people to take this vital step.

The state doesn’t require you to attend preparatory classes, but taking classes can help you prepare to pass the exam. If you choose to take the GED test online, you’ll need to score high enough on the GED Ready® official practice test beforehand.

To get started, sign up for an account—it’s free! These step-by-step instructions help. If you’ve already set up an account, log in now to proceed.

When you pass the test, you’ll get a high school equivalency certificate from the state of Ohio that shows you’ve gained the same degree of knowledge as any high school graduate.

Prep and Test for the GED Online in Ohio

For the GED test in Ohio, you can prepare online from home. The online option is beneficial for people without reliable transportation options. It can also help students who must study early in the morning or late at night due to a full-time job during the day.

Online learning programs successfully prepare you for the exam with convenient times and schedules. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice work or child care while studying for the GED. Your participation in online classes, taking practice quizzes, and learning strategies will help you do better when taking the test.

You can also take the test online from home, at work, or wherever is best for you. Review your system ahead of time to make sure it works. You’ll need a functioning computer, a webcam, and a reliable WiFi connection in a quiet, private area.

When you achieve a successful “green” score on the GED Ready practice test, you can take the exam! Learn more about how to get your GED online to get ready for a better tomorrow today.

Classes and Testing Centers Near You

If you want the camaraderie and support of an in-person learning environment, check out these GED classes all over Ohio. You’ll enjoy the following:

  • Supportive teachers
  • Experienced staff members
  • A varied curriculum
  • Study groups
  • Convenient schedules
  • Employment and college counseling
  • Practice tests
  • Quiz reviews

These centers also provide places for you to privately and securely take the computer-based GED in Ohio.

Find a testing center or in-person classes near you.