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If you’ve decided to get your GED credenetial in Maryland, you’re taking a step toward a better future. A GED allows you to pursue a college education and qualify for better jobs. Both can increase your earning potential, allowing you to increase your chances for a more financially stable future.

FAQs for Earning a GED in Maryland

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We’re here to help you realize this dream. Explore the steps to earn a Maryland GED and get started right away.

How to Get a GED in Maryland

It’s helpful to know how to qualify for a Maryland GED. The steps below outline what you need to do to get started.

Understand the Age Requirements

Students must be 19 years old to take the exam on their own. Those between the ages of 17 and 18 can qualify with proof of an official high school withdrawal documentation form that is signed, embossed, or sealed. Contact the Maryland GED office for instructions on where to send this form.

While 16-year-olds can qualify, other eligibility requirements apply. Contact the Maryland GED office for additional information about taking the exam at 16.

Review the Restrictions

Certain restrictions apply to students considering online GED classes in Maryland. A student may not:

  • Hold a high school diploma or attend a high school program and earn a GED at the same time
  • Be a resident of any other state

Create an Account

If you qualify for the GED exam, the next step is signing up for a free account. Click the “sign up” button at the top of the page and input your email address and desired password. You’ll use this information to log in every time you visit the site.

After you create your account, make sure to update it with the required information. Accept the terms of service and provide your contact information.

The next step in account setup is answering questions about previous employers and your current status. Your account may be on hold while the team reviews your answers or requests any necessary documentation.

You can also review our step-by-step instructions if you have questions about creating an account or providing the required information. If you’ve already signed up, log into your account to determine your next step in the Maryland GED process.

Prepare for the Exam

Although preparatory classes aren’t required to take the exam, taking them can help you get the information needed to take the test confidently. You can take courses online or in person. Most GED students study and prepare for two to three months before scheduling their exams.

Classes and Testing Centers Near You

If you want to get into a classroom with other students and prepare for the test, we offer excellent prep classes throughout the state of Maryland. Many students find they do better in person when studying and taking tests.

Our in-person classes provide you with all the support you need, including:

  • Flexible class schedules
  • Experienced instructors and teachers
  • Learning groups with peers
  • Inclusive and empathetic staff members
  • Ongoing assistance
  • Study materials
  • Tools for preparation
  • Career counseling
  • College planners
  • Practice tests and reviews

You can do this!

Online GED Classes and Tests in Maryland

In Maryland, you can conveniently prepare for the GED exam online. The test is also available online from any location. Just make sure you have a reliable internet connection, a functional computer with a webcam, and a place where you have some peace and quiet so you can focus.

If you prefer to use a professional testing center to take your online GED test, various locations can provide quiet settings and reliable equipment. Request any necessary accommodations ahead of time.

Online classes often appeal to students who juggle full-time jobs and other responsibilities. More flexible scheduling options allow you to prepare at your own pace and avoid wasting time in traffic.

Our online program also provides:

  • Teacher-led classes
  • Helpful test-taking strategies
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge
  • Practice tests

Before you can qualify for online GED testing in Maryland, you must reach “green” on the official GED Ready practice test. This status indicates you’re likely to pass. If you take the exam in one of our locations, you’ll have access to an online calculator and complete your test in a safe and secure environment.

Get started today. Find where you can take GED tests or GED classes in Maryland!