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Making the pivotal decision to better your life with a GED will bring tremendous opportunities. Earning your GED in Illinois leads to more opportunities at school and work. It’s an exciting time to start this path toward pursuing an education or that dream job you’ve always wanted.

Illinois state residents can take advantage of reduced testing costs, in-person classes, and convenient ways to achieve a more stable future. As the official site of the GED test, we can easily get you there.

FAQs for Earning a GED in Illinois

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How to Get a GED in Illinois

If you’re a legal resident of Illinois and 17 years old or older, start working toward your GED today. If you’re 16 years old, you’ll need permission from your parents and local school board before you can take the GED test.

You can take this test online or in one of Illinois’ many testing centers. You must also pass the Illinois/U.S. Constitution Test. You can find this free-of-charge exam at Illinois Regional Offices of Education and local adult education programs.

You’re not required to officially prepare for the test by taking classes, but it is highly recommended. Lessons help you learn the material that will be on the exams. This instruction prepares you for the GED Ready official practice test, where you must score high enough to qualify for the computer exam.

To get started, sign up for a free account. Access these step-by-step instructions for guidance. If you have already set up an account, log into your account now to continue the process. Be prepared to spend 2-3 months studying to pass this exam successfully.

When you pass the GED and Constitution Test, you won’t receive an equivalency credential. Instead, you’ll receive a standard high school diploma from the state. How does that sound?

Get Your GED Online in Illinois

The GED test in Illinois is computer-based. You can take the test online from work, at home, or at one of the Illinois official testing centers.

Test your computer system beforehand if you choose to take the test online from home or at work. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection, a quiet workspace area, and the proper equipment (computer and webcam) to take it on your own successfully.

Our online learning programs successfully prepare you for the exam with plenty of convenient schedules at different times. If you handle other responsibilities, like child care or a job, this helps you study for the GED at times that work for you.

Learn test-taking strategies, master the necessary information, and take quizzes to effectively prepare for the real thing. When you achieve a successful “green” score on the GED Ready practice test, you can proceed.

Learn more about how to prepare for your GED online today.

Prep and Test Centers Near You

Perhaps you’d do better taking prep classes in person? You may thrive in a traditional learning environment, feel more motivated, and better retain the knowledge you need when working with other students in person. If so, Illinois has in-person GED classes that provide you with support, testing materials, and qualified instruction.

Check out in-person classes and benefit from:

  • Outstanding experienced teachers
  • Specialized curriculum
  • A supportive staff
  • Flexible times
  • Professional career guidance
  • Study groups for group learning
  • Thorough preparation with quizzes, reviews, and practice tests
  • Higher education counseling

Illinois also lowered the cost to make it easier for all students to take this vital step. If you choose to take the GED in Illinois at a testing center, it will only cost you $40.

Find a testing center or in-person classes near you and sign up for a free account.