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It’s no secret that your future is more secure with a GED® credential. Once you take this positive step and earn your GED® in Arkansas, you can pursue more exciting education and career options. A GED® opens up opportunities for advancement both at school and work—congratulations on making this decision for a better life!

It isn’t easy to make a change, even if it’s good. But with the right tools and support, you can break old patterns and chart new territory with a high school equivalency diploma in Arkansas. As the only official site for the GED® test, we can help you get started and prepare.

FAQs for Earning a GED in Arkansas

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How to Get a GED® in Arkansas

If you’re an official resident of Arkansas, this test is open to you as long as you’re not currently enrolled in high school or a graduate. The GED® test is available in a computer-based format if you’re 18 or older. You can access it online for $144 or at an official GED® test center, where the subsidized exam cost is $16.

If you’re under 18, check out further requirements before registering to take the test.

Preparatory classes for the GED® aren’t required, but they will prepare you for this critical test. If you plan to take the exam online without going to a center, you must qualify by taking the GED® Ready test and scoring in the “green zone” (likely to pass.)

Ready to get started? Use these easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions to sign up for a free account. If you’re already signed up, just log in and pick up where you left off.

When you’re done with the classes and have successfully passed the test, you’ll get a GED® certificate from Arkansas, which states you’ve achieved the same level of knowledge as all other state high school graduates.

Classes and Testing Centers near You

Most students take two to three months to prepare for the GED. If you learn more effectively when taking in-person classes, you can easily find an in-person GED® class near you. You’ll have access to a supportive community of instructors and learn alongside fellow students when taking in-person classes.

These courses provide a top-notch education with the following:

  • Experienced instructors
  • Diverse curriculum guides
  • Inclusive study groups
  • Flexible schedules
  • Employment counselors
  • Test-taking tips
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • College prep counselors
  • Practice reviews
  • Quizzes

Testing centers often offer classes and facilities where students can take the computer-based test securely and privately.

GED® Tests Online in Arkansas

Do you have a busy schedule or other responsibilities? Study for the GED® and take the test online from home or work rather than in person. Make sure your Wi-Fi and computer work well ahead of time. You’ll also need a reliable webcam and a quiet workspace.

Online programs provide access to qualified teachers, helpful test-taking strategies, and the convenience of remote learning. This option is beneficial if you live far away from a testing center and don’t want to commute. You might also choose the online option from home if you work full-time or manage a lot of responsibilities at home.

After achieving a successful “green” score on the GED® Ready practice test, you can confidently take the exam and move on to your next challenge at work or school! Learn more about getting your GED® online to begin this life-changing transition today.

Find a testing center or in-person classes near you and take the next step on your educational journey.