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Palm Vein Terms and Conditions

For GED website as disclosure of the palm vein reader

Palm Vein Reader Biometric Identification
Before taking the GED® test, you may need to provide your palm vein pattern as proof of identification.

The palm vein reader is part of an ongoing effort by the GED Testing Service, to maintain test integrity and ensure that the GED® test is a fair measure of everyone’s ability.

The palm vein reader biometric technology ensures that each test taker has a single GED record, preventing people from taking the test for others.

How it Works
The PalmSecure sensor, made by Fujitsu, is easier to use and less intrusive than fingerprinting identification. You simply hold your palm several inches above the two-inch-square sensor for several seconds. Like fingerprints, the blood veins in your palm stay the same position as you age and through sickness or injury, making it unique to you.

Palm vein pattern readers use digital encryption specific to a user’s system, providing an extra layer of privacy and assurance that the patterns cannot be used for identification by anyone else in any other context.