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The GED® is in New York

The one and only high school equivalent diploma in the state of New York.



The GED is back in NY and is now the only test for earning a high school diploma equivalency credential. Now’s the time to set your education and career goals — and we’re here to help!
  • The Test:

    The GED exam is made up of four subjects, divided into separate tests. You don’t have to take all four tests at once  you can go at your own pace for prep and space out taking the tests to best fit your schedule. Check out this overview of what’s on each subject of the GED.  

  • Scheduling the Test:

    You can schedule your test once you create your GED account. You’ll be able to select your testing location and schedule your test. 

  • Study Materials:

    We offer dozens of resources to help you study – in-person classes, online classespractice testspractice questions, and a new all-inclusive prep package with a dedicated advisor and more! 

  • Pricing & Rules:

    There’s no cost to take the test in New York, but there are state rules 



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