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GED® Educators in New York

The one and only high school equivalency diploma in the state of New York.



The GED® is back in NY and is now the only test for earning a high school equivalency diploma. We’re here to help you introduce and transition your students to the GED test program.
  • The Test:

    The GED exam is made up of four subjects, divided into separate tests. Students don’t have to take all four tests at once — they can go at their own pace for prep and space out taking the tests to best fit their schedule. This overview breaks down the GED test, by subject area.  

    Webinar: Welcome to the GED Test Program 

    Webinar: Understanding the Test

  • Teaching Resources:

    These resources are helpful when guiding your GED instruction. You can get detailed information on the skills students need to demonstrate in order to pass, what is being assessed in each content area, and moreFree classroom resources include professional development webinars, tutorials, scoring tools, and more.

    NYSED will determine who has access to GED Manager. Those granted access will receive login and training information soon.

    Webinar: Educator Tools

    Webinar: Preparing Students

  • How to Become a Test Center:

    We urge all test centers to watch the How to Become a Computer Based Test Center webinar as a first step and then view the additional information provided.

    Webinar: How to Become a Computer Based Test Center

    Everything you need to get your test center up and running is available here.



    GED Only Technical Requirements

  • State Policies and Pricing:

    There’s no cost to take the test in New York. More information about state policies related to the GED test and student eligibility is available here

  • A Look at the GED Student Experience:



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