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May - Paul V.

After leaving a very negative high school environment, achieving the GED on my own was life-changing. Now I’m the co-founder of a non-profit that helps others get their GED credential.

In high school, Paul often felt like he wasn’t good enough. He left to take GED classes and did well, but was too young to take the test at the time. He was able to join the military without a high school diploma at the time. While in the military, there was a community college program that covered GED test costsPaul enrolled right away.  

The best part about the instructors Paul got to work with was their encouraging attitude. It was the exact opposite of his high school experience. In addition to the skills he needed to pass the GED, they taught him self-confidence.   

Paul was proud to earn his GED, and eventually continued his education in college at the age of 38. He earned two associate degrees in computer sciencefollowed by bachelor’s degree in psychology. Paul went on to get a master’s degree in education, and started teaching at an adult education center.   

During his work as a teacher, he has been able to make a difference in the lives of countless students. He is now the co-founder of a non-profit dedicated to teaching people the knowledge they need to achieve their GED credential