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March - Bailey G.

As a teenager, I lost both of my parents and took on caring for my younger siblings. My own education and future seemed out of reach until I found the GED.

When Bailey was a teenager, she and her family suffered through a lot. Her father became paralyzed in a farming accident and her mother passed away. Bailey was suddenly faced with the responsibility of providing for her two younger brothers. Without enough time each day to keep up with classwork, she had to leave high school, putting her education on hold.  

Nevertheless, Bailey was determined to fulfill her parents’ wish for her to graduate, even if they could not be there to experience her accomplishment. Her brothers encouraged her along the journey to earn her GED.  

After more than three years of studying on her own on and off while working full-time, Bailey decided to enroll in a local adult learning center. Evening classes became her favorite way to prepare for the GED.  

The biggest obstacle for Bailey was overcoming self-doubt. She worried that if she failed the first time, she would lose all motivation to try again. Taking practice tests helped her get through this challenge. She learned that it’s ok to fail sometimes, as long as you get back up and try again. A couple months later, Bailey passed all four subjects of the GED test!  

Upon achieving her GED, Bailey was able to find a stable job as client service representative. That’s just the beginning of her career path. Bailey has big plans for the future to make a difference. She dreams of starting a non-profit organization to help others get through difficult family situations, including medical assistance, self-care and everyday life essentials. She envisions her organization as a place where it’s okay to ask for and receive help.