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July - Rabila M.

English is my second language, so it was tough at first. Taking the GED Ready practice tests really helped me gain the confidence to pass the GED.

Rabila came to the United States from Niger, a French-speaking country in Africa. She already had a high school diploma there, but was eager to get her GED so that she could apply to college in the United States with an American high school credential. 

Despite the language barrier, Rabila was determined to prep for the GED on her own. The best combination for her was to use books for each subject followed by the GED Ready practice test. When she passed the practice test, she knew she was ready for the real thing. 

Throughout her student journey, Rabila’s parents were her main source of inspiration. She is grateful that they made sacrifices in order for her to follow her dreams.  

After achieving her GED, Rabila was able to apply to college and start courses right away. She is currently studying to be a nurse practitioner.