September is a great month to begin the GED® journey! As education systems get into full swing, we want to acknowledge our educator community and wish you the best for this school year. We appreciate your hard work, guidance and support of our adult learners.

Educators like you reassure all of us of the great opportunities that education provides. You help us excel in the education ecosystem and allow us to keep inspiring and encouraging adult learners towards lifelong learning for personal and community enrichment!

During my decades of leadership at GED Testing Service®, we’ve worked closely with educators and administrators to develop programs that are best suited to the changing nature of adult learners, the tools we have available and our environment. We have also embraced the many different learning styles that exist. Since 2014 when we revamped the test to a computer-based format and aligned the content to match college and career readiness standards. We have developed numerous study tools and preparation programs. I am so proud of how we continue to assess the needs and realities of our diverse learners so we can better adapt how we can support learners of all ages wherever they are in the US or around the world throughout their GED journey and beyond.

I want to reassure our educators, administrators, and learners of our commitment to fight injustice and promote equity and social mobility. We will continue to invest in partnerships with local and national organizations that align with our mission to provide support and resources to underserved students. We have also recently joined forces with WithYouWithMe (WYWM) to provide digital tech skills and be inclusive of all learners at any point in their career journey. You can learn more about this partnership here.

In closing, in September we also observe Adult Education and Family Literacy Week from September 17 to 23. Adult Education and Family Literacy Week activities will focus on the pivotal role of adult education in enabling equitable access to societal resources, employment opportunities, and full participation in community life.