Our GED prep programs, and study tools are designed to help all learners succeed. The options cover a variety of needs to support adult learners and educators throughout the GED test journey.

GED Live
Details: Live teacher-led, interactive learning and GED preparation for students studying for the GED test.
Benefits & Features: Offers students convenient access to a live instructor through a computer, tablet or smartphone. Adult education programs can use it to incorporate online instruction into their curriculums. This is also helpful for independent learners, working adults or adults in more rural communities.
Target Test Subjects: All (Math, Science, RLA, Social Studies)
More information: https://ged.com/study/online-classes/

Details: An all-inclusive, flexible program that helps learners earn their GED credential. Includes a bilingual GED advisor to guide and motivate learners, access to English and Spanish study materials, GED Ready practice tests, access to online tutors for tough topics, and GED tests.
Benefits & Features: Educators can use this program to supplement instruction, helping learners that need additional assistance with one or more GED test subjects.
Target Test Subjects: All (Math, Science, RLA, Social Studies)
More information: https://ged.com/study/ged-plus/

Aztec Software’s Spanish GED Prep Series
Details: An interactive digital series written by Spanish instructors for Spanish learners and contextualized for the Spanish GED test. Aztec Software, the only preferred publisher partner for the Spanish GED test, designed this management system program allowing for data collection of student progress and evidence of student growth. You can monitor student learning in each academic area and individual sub-skill in addition to providing remediation plans to guide instruction.
Benefits & Features: Specifically developed for the Spanish GED test blueprint. Authentically developed in Spanish going beyond mere translation. Complete Spanish audio support. Digital delivery for access anytime, anyplace, and on any device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. Scaffolded curriculum supporting targeted, self-paced instruction, and individualized learning plans. The series is also available to justice-involved/ supervised/ correctional communities through secure online or offline delivery.
Target Test Subjects: All Spanish GED test subjects (Math, Science, RLA, Social Studies)
More information: https://www.aztecsoftware.com/spanish-series/digital-learning/ged-series/ or email [email protected]

GED Flash
Details: Online, interactive tool that functions like traditional flashcards, giving users the option to test their knowledge of GED test subjects with instant feedback. It offers thousands of practice questions in each of the four GED test subjects, and it was created to be easily used on students’ mobile devices.
Benefits & Features: Provides instant feedback on which questions students got right or wrong, giving the information they need to develop study plans and identify the skills they need to improve to pass the test. Questions are randomized and students have access to more than 6,000 practice items.
Target Test Subjects: All (Math, Science, RLA, Social Studies)
More information: https://ged.com/study/practice_questions/