GED® Testing Service recently reached out to adult educators, program directors and jurisdiction administrators for feedback on program administration and services we provide, such as professional development. We also wanted to learn about expectations and interest in services beyond the GED credential as graduates take on other challenges in school and work.  Our annual Satisfaction Survey was conducted in March 2024 with 498 responses, including 55 Jurisdiction Administrators and GED Program Directors.  20% of the adult educator respondents work in a Correctional facility that offers the GED test.  

Here are some of the highlights of the survey: 

  • 86% of respondents agree or strongly agree that their relationship with GEDTS is very important to them 
  • 76% of those surveyed are satisfied or very satisfied with the progress of students in their jurisdiction earning their GED credential 
  • 68% agree or strongly agree that their program is better because of their partnership with GEDTS 
  • 61% of adult educators believe GEDTS should play a role in helping GED graduates go to college, while 53% would like GEDTS to help GED graduates find jobs 
  • 53% of respondents strongly agree (16%) or agree (37%) that GEDTS advocacy has positively impacted the state of adult education in their jurisdiction 
  • A variety of comments were mentioned as areas for improvement, including a desire for more efficient test center set-up, more preparation materials and guides in Spanish, and more efficient phone service for learners, as well as updated sample test practice questions on The survey affirmed a strong bond between State Relationship Managers, jurisdiction administrators, and program administrators and educators, and overall high satisfaction levels with the operations support received.   

Although the survey will be conducted annually, we welcome your continued feedback and comments on how we can work together and enhance our programs and processes to better serve you and our adult learners. We are thankful to those of you who took the time to provide us with this valuable feedback.