The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on every aspect of our lives including how we support students as they pursue their GED credentials. Through the Online Proctored GED Test pilot, students that meet a certain criteria will be able to participate in remote testing in selected states.

For the past few months GED Testing Service has been discussing new potential testing options with state adult ed directors, GED Administrators and OCTAE. Online proctoring is an option that will help meet the needs of many testers, and provide an alternative to testing in a physical test center. The Online Proctored GED Test pilot will utilize trained, third-party proctoring and will include built-in artificial intelligence (AI) features for additional test security.

We just released a webinar recording where we have provided information about the new pilot. It includes high-level information and timelines for the pilot, student eligibility info, specific operations and policies that will be different than it is for testing in a physical test center, and additional resources that we think will be helpful to you. The full webinar and slides are available here:

Here are some of the highlights from the recording that address frequently asked questions:

Is the Online Proctored GED test different?

No, it is the same GED test content delivered online, continually monitored by a third-party, trained proctor. **We are not abandoning the traditional in-person test center model–this option will provide more access to those ready to test or have had cancelled appointments.**

Who is administering the test?

GED Testing Service is contracting with OnVUE to deliver the Online Proctored GED exams.

When will the pilot begin?

The pilot is anticipated to launch later in the week of May 18th or the week of May 25th. It will be multi-phased, and is expected to wrap up near the end of July.

What students are eligible?

States will determine if their residents may participate in the pilot, but so far there has been wide agreement that this option is necessary to help students during this difficult time. During the pilot only those 18 and older will be eligible.

Eligibility will be determined by Phase. Priorities/first invitations will go out to students in four categories: 

  • Cancelled appointments 
  • 3 of 4 test subjects passed 
  • GED Ready “Green” score on a subject test within the past 60 days 
  • State’s essential cases 

Students in all residency-required states will sign off on language affirming residency; however the OnVUE ID checks process will require some states to implement manual residency checks before approving students for invitation. 

A GED Ready ”Green” score is required to schedule an online proctored exam. **There are additional policies for the pilot that will differ from current/traditional computer-based testing (CBT) policies.** 

How will eligible students be notified?

Students who are eligible will be sent an email with instructions on how to register and schedule an online proctored GED test. They will also receive an alert in their student account.

How much will this cost and what are the associated fees?

The cost of the test during the online proctored pilot will mirror current fees. Fees for test center compensation will support online proctoring. Note that there may be some differences in states with little or no test center compensation built in (e.g. New Mexico, Nevada, North Carolina, Wyoming).

Why is the pilot approach being used?

  • Timeliness – intense pressure to have an option available as soon as possible
  • We do not know the appetite for participation & how students will react to online proctoring 
  • Requires a laptop or computer with a camera/microphone and stable internet connection
  • Requires a closed, private/quiet room 

Online Proctored GED Test Pilot Timing and Schedule: 

Phase 1– Feedback [duration ~7-10 days] 5 states (CA, GA, OR, TX, WI) 

  • Only students with cancelled appointments who also have a GED Ready “Green” score within 60 days 
  • Final system tests and gathering data and information from system and students 

Phase 2 – invite eligible students in participating states with no residency queue 

  • Cancelled appointments 3 of 4 tests passed GED Ready “Green” 
  • State’s essential cases

 Phase 3 – invite newly eligible students 

  • New GED Ready “Green” students in non-queue states invited regularly (GED Ready “Green” within 60 days required)

 Phase 4 – invite newly eligible students in manual residency approval queue required states

  • Queue is estimated to be built and ready for use between June 9-18 

End of Pilot

Please review the webinar or the related slides to learn more about online proctored testing policies, find resources, and understand how you can help your eligible students prepare and participate.