Our first State of the GED event was an opportunity for GED Testing Service to share what we’ve been up to over the past year and what plans we have moving forward as an organization.

During the event, Vicki Greene, Adora Beard, Danielle Wilson, and Kiara Perez, covered updates including the progress GED Testing Service has made in product and resource offerings, our DE&I initiatives and strategies, partnerships, changes to our board and the development of our transformation team.

One significant update is our move to the Workforce Skills division within our parent company, Pearson. This move will allow us to focus on the learner with more options to upskill, reskill and provide opportunities with larger employers. Our focus will continue to be on evolving as a learner-centric organization focused on the overall success of GED students and graduates. This includes connecting them with the training and education opportunities they need to succeed in the workforce.

We also shared that the new GED+ product allows independent study students to access personal advisors in an all-inclusive model similar to GEDWorks.

GED Testing Service’s official statement on diversity, equity, and inclusion is featured on our “About Us” page on GED.com. We’ve also added photos and bios of members of the GED Testing Service team, leadership, and board members.

Our partnership and alliance work continues as discussions are being held to formalize working with two community-based organizations that support GED students in Kansas City, Kansas, and Baltimore, Maryland.

The GED Testing Service Board of Directors welcomed two new members, Phyllis Kelley and Kellie Blair Hardt, in January 2021. The GED Transformation team was created earlier this year to advise GED Testing Service on how to enhance the GED test program and its impact through fairness, equity, and inclusion solutions.

We also shared that our annual conference returns in July 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia.

You can watch the entire event and view the presentation under the “Tuesdays for Teachers” section on our site: https://ged.com/educators_admins/teaching/professional_development/webinars/