Are you or your students—for that matter—“spooked” by GED Ready score reports?  

Are you thinking of score reports as “TMI” (too much information)? Not specific enough?  Generic? If you are not mining score reports for insights to take your students to the next level, you are missing out on a strategy than can produce solid results.

In this webinar, we won’t focus on the “Likely to Pass” (Green Zone) students or those who are “Not Likely to Pass” (Red Zone). We’ll take a look at student score reports that are in the “Too Close to Call” category or the Yellow Zone.  Students who score in the Yellow Zone are most likely to gamble and interpret “Too Close to Call” as an invitation to roll the dice. They will insist that they are ready and sometimes that may be true but more often than not, they will be just outside of the passing zone.  Our mutual goal is to help as many students as possible be successful in their first attempt. Often that means digging into the score reports to uncover what they need to brush up on BEFORE they tackle operational testing. The GED Ready test is a strong predictor of performance and when combined with other tools like the High Impact Indicators (HIIs) and the Performance Level Descriptors (PLDs), you and your students have powerful tools to raise the probability of success.  

Join us for the October installment of Tuesdays for Teachers, “Trick or Treat: Mining GED Ready Score Reports,” to experience score reports in a whole new light. Are you ready to meet the challenge of thinking of GED Ready score reports as a very detailed prescriptions for improving student skills?  Like the haunted house on Halloween—we dare you!

–Daphne Atkinson, Senior Director of State Relationships for GED Testing Service