Research has consistently shown that more education can lead to better physical, mental, and emotional health—resulting in longer, healthier lives.

At GED Testing Service, our mission is to empower individuals and help change the trajectory of their lives by giving them a second chance at a high school credential.

Through our GEDWorks program and partnerships with health insurers, we have seen firsthand how educational success can bring positive outcomes for individuals that even doctors notice. Earning a GED diploma can help a learner secure a better paying job and entry into a college program. It can also alleviate some social and economic stress factors that contribute to health issues.

We created GEDWorks to help companies offer their employees and clients a GED credential at no cost. Participants are given access to a personal advisor, online GED study materials in English and Spanish, connections to local adult education programs, practice tests, and free GED tests.

In a pilot with UCare, a Minnesota-based health insurer, Medicaid participants said they enrolled in the GEDWorks program because through this partnership, it was offered at no cost. Covering the cost of earning a credential often eliminates the financial burden that many students face when choosing between urgent necessities and investing in education. UCare GEDWorks graduates said the program was supportive, engaging and provided them with all they needed for a second chance at a high school diploma.

In a recent article featured in a Minnesota medical journal, UCare Medical Director Dr. Bruce Cantor highlighted the benefits of the GEDWorks program, recommending that primary care doctors encourage their patients to complete their GED credential regardless of age. Earning a credential empowers patients with stronger skills to make decisions that have a positive impact on their health.

The article also shares success stories of graduates of the program, including Lydia, a Medicaid recipient. She earned her credential in 2019 after many years of wanting to do so but not having the financial means. Lydia left high school as she struggled with mental health issues. Through the GEDWorks program, she was able to take practice tests and work closely with a personal advisor. Within just one month, she took the GED tests and passed. Lydia is now a GED graduate and first-year college student in a postsecondary degree program.

Lydia’s story is one we see with many of our students and graduates. To date, GEDWorks partners have helped more than 4,400 adults successfully earn their GED credentials. Thousands more have successfully passed tests on their way to credentialing. We have seen GED graduates pursue college degrees at growing rates, with more than 50% attending college programs. Graduates also go on to enter every career field, further contributing to changing the trajectory of their lives and those around them.

Offering Medicaid recipients, the opportunity to change their long-term health and economic outcomes through education is a worthy investment that helps those that need it most. We are proud of our partnerships with organizations that are invested in their employees’ health and well-being. We hope that more companies make education benefits such as earning a GED credential a priority to support employees, their families, and our communities—one graduate at a time.

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