Welcome 2020!

Last year was full of change, opportunity, and reflection. Now, we’re excited to start this new year motivated by our continued mission to support adult learners as they write the next chapters in their lives.

We recognize the important role the GED credential has in improving the trajectory of the lives of GED graduates, their families and the larger community. It is our mission to provide a pathway to success that in turn embraces the uniqueness of each of our students, representing a wide range of different groups, identities, backgrounds and ideologies. 

At GED Testing Service we are dedicated to finding and creating solutions for adult learners in an effort to ensure that a high school equivalency diploma is accessible and valuable. As I enter my first year as President and my eighth year with the company, I have spent time thinking about what we’ve done well, how far the GED credential has come, and the work we still have to do.

As the leader of this unique organization, I have challenged myself and others to think about how we can impact more lives. This brings many questions to mind: How do we reach students that we have not had access to? What can we do differently? What is stopping us from helping every adult learner that needs their GED credential?

I ask these questions recognizing that we work closely with adult educators, community organizations, researchers, policymakers and students, to identify the barriers that prevent students from becoming GED graduates. The answers to these questions are the many opportunities that each of us has in 2020.

We will continue to be a student-first organization where we value and prioritize the needs of our students and support the educators that prepare them for the test, higher education, and life. Our research and studies will remain focused on what we can do to provide insightful resources, products and training to give students and educators the tools needed for success.

We are a growing community of GED graduates, students, educators, family members, friends, colleagues and much more. We each have our own story and our own “why.” Our story tells who we are and it is essentially what connects each of us despite our differences. It doesn’t matter where we come from, or what our past says about each of us—our experienced adversity and diversity should be celebrated and embraced.

As we move forward in this new year, I encourage us all to use our past experiences, challenges, and triumphs to motivate us as we support others and help make the world a better place. 

Vicki Greene, President of GED Testing Service