Earlier this month we launched the online Spanish GED test and added the option to do online retakes for any GED test subject.

These updates will help eligible students in most states start or complete their GED credential from home.

Spanish Test

Students can schedule any of the GED test subjects in Spanish through their GED.com accounts. To qualify, they must have a GED Ready “Green” score within the last 60 days and reside in a participating state and have access to a quiet, private room, a computer with webcam, sound and microphone, and a reliable internet connection.

The check-in process for the Online Proctored (O.P.) GED test is in English, whether the student is taking the actual test in English or Spanish. This step-by-step Spanish-language video takes students through the check-in process.

Online Retakes

Students can now schedule to retake GED test subjects through the O.P. test after a failed attempt.

After their second failed test attempt, they’ll be required to wait 60 days before scheduling another online proctored retake. A 60-day wait will be required between each subsequent online proctored retake.

A GED Ready “Green” score is only required within 60 days of scheduling their first test in that subject. It is not required for a retake on that subject.

Students can learn more about eligibility and available testing options through their GED.com accounts or here on the GED.com website. Educators can find additional information about the O.P. test here.