Our latest webinar provides updates about the student testing experience, related policies and additional resources for educators. 

August 2020 updates for the Online Proctored (O.P.) GED test include: 

Stats Update 

  • 1,445 students have earned a GED credential through the O.P test as of August 4, 2020.   

Pilot and Next Steps for O.P.  

  • The pilot phase is expected to continue through August and will transition to a more long-term offering when it is added formally by state agreements and contracts. 
  • GED Testing Service (GEDTS) will not end O.P. delivery as an option in participating states between the transition period from pilot to longer-term testing option. *Some states may determine that they no longer want to offer O.P. beyond the pilot. 

Student Eligibility & Communications  

  • Most states have turned on auto-eligibility for students who score a GED Ready “Green” score*Some states have unique approval processes including DC, CT and SC. PA requires additional proof of state residency. 
  • Currently students see O.P. information and registration information once they score a GED Ready “Green.” *Students in TX see this messaging prior to Green status. 
  • Starting the week of August 17th, all students in auto-eligible states will see messaging about the O.P. test in their GED.com accounts. 

Whiteboard Tool  

  • For test security reasons, students may not use physical scratch paper or dry erase boards on O.P. Test takers have access to an on-screen scratch pad and whiteboard for notetaking and math work. 
  • With the new whiteboard tool, student can copy/paste questions, draw shapes and lines, zoom in and out, erase/clear, or resize and move the whiteboard around the screen. 
  • Make sure students know where to practice with the whiteboard tool. 

Retakes and Retesting Reminders  

  • Retests – due to a failed test launch/technical issues before the test is launched and the student does not see test items – are allowed on O.P.  
  • Retests – due to an internet connection or VUE system issue, once verified, where students have seen test items – are allowed only in a test center. 
  • Retakes – due to a failed test attempt – must be done in a test center. Students may request voucher on their GED.com account for a discounted retake in a test center. 

Retakes in the Future  

  • GEDTS is working to configure systems to allow for at least one retake per subject through O.P. in the coming months (likely early October). 

Underage Testers 

  • We are currently working with states to determine process and eligibility. Each state will determine eligibility by age. A few states could prohibit testing for those under 18, or for those under 17. 

Spanish-Language Testing Next Steps  

  • We are currently exploring options and collecting feedback from programs and educators. Ultimately states will provide guidance to GEDTS and either ban or allow Spanish-language GED testing in O.P. with some English language test process components.  

Additional information about the O.P. test, including educator resources, is available in the full webinar and slide deck.