At GED® Testing Service, we thrive on empowering people’s lives through education. A great example of how we celebrate Women’s History Month is the GED Community Partnership Program with the Houston Tutorial Association and the Mission of Yahweh, a non-profit community organization that primarily serves women in Houston.

The Houston Tutorial Association provides Houston area students with exceptional services based on a core of founded study skills training and instruction. They focus on students’ academic challenges, encouraging and challenging students in their endeavors. From private tutoring to group courses, the Houston Tutorial Association can help students gain independence academically. Their services are available at the student’s home, school, or a preferred public location.

The Mission of Yahweh is a shelter that has been empowering, enriching, and restoring the lives of homeless women and children, providing outreach services to communities in need since 1964. It offers many life-changing programs focused on ending the cycle of homelessness and dependency, including educational and vocational support, an emergency shelter, and a transitional living program.

GED Testing Service launched this GED Community Partnership last year with its first cohort of ten Mission of Yahweh participants. These young women were assigned a mentor to help with leading the project efforts, as well as providing on-site access to resources, including computer laptops, in-person tutorials, and weekly accountability, supporting the program plan and desired outcomes. The impact of initiatives, such as this one, becomes even more evident when we receive initial reactions from a participant, “Y’all would do this for me? I’m so thankful. Graduating from this program will help me and my family in so many ways.”

“As I oversee the curriculum instructional support, program design and logistics, I find
immense reward in knowing that our efforts are empowering these women to reach their
educational goals and beyond, ” said Sophie Muhlherr, GED Mission Of Yahweh Director of Instructional Oversight, Houston Tutorial Association Managing Director of Programs

Ali Bobo, the Primary Instructor at the Mission of Yahweh, said, “I believe education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and homelessness, and it’s heartwarming to see the dedication and enthusiasm these women bring to their studies. They are mothers, daughters, and sisters working hard to provide a brighter future for themselves and their families.”

Adora Beard, GED Testing Service State Relationship and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager said “the GED Community Partnership with The Mission of Yahweh is inspiring and we are in anticipation of celebrating with the program’s participanting students that will soon become GED graduates. We look forward to following the success stories of more program participants and cheering their efforts and accomplishments.”