In an era where education intersects seamlessly with technology, we are so proud to introduce two groundbreaking initiatives aimed at revolutionizing the learning experience: the Education Unplugged podcast and the new GED mobile app, GED & me™

I am happy to share information about our new podcast Education UnplugGED, which I host. My podcast interviews take you on a journey to uncover the evolving landscape of education and workforce development. Through candid conversations with thought leaders, educators, and industry experts, I’ll delve into pressing topics shaping the future of learning. From innovative teaching methodologies to the impact of technology on educational outcomes, each episode offers listeners a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities facing education today.

My conversations with guests from diverse backgrounds provide a 360-degree view of how education is adapting to meet the demands of a rapidly changing workforce. Whether you’re an educator, a student, or an industry professional, this podcast promises to inspire, inform, and provoke thought on the future of learning.

The other innovation we are thrilled to announce is our new GED mobile app, GED & MeTM, designed to empower learners on their academic and career success journey. Available on the iOS platform for pre-order and on Android soon, the app provides convenient access to study materials, practice tests, and personalized learning resources. Whether preparing for the GED test or seeking to enhance skills in key subject areas, users can engage with interactive lessons and track their progress in real time.

The GED mobile app represents a leap forward in educational technology, offering flexibility and convenience for learners of all ages. Its user-friendly interface and adaptive learning features ensure that each study session is tailored to individual needs, fostering a supportive environment for mastering essential concepts. Educators and students joining us at our July conference can test the mobile app!

As education continues to evolve, we remain committed to innovation and accessibility. The Education UnplugGED podcast and the new GED mobile app exemplify our dedication to empowering learners worldwide. Whether through insightful discussions on the podcast or interactive learning experiences with the app, we invite educators and learners to join us in shaping the future of education.