According to a recent survey of GED students, 75% report that they want access to more practice questions to help them prepare for the test. GED Testing Service partnered with Aztec Software to create GED Flash™ a new online, interactive tool that functions similar to traditional flashcards, giving users the option to test their knowledge of GED test subjects with instant feedback.

Available in two versions—GED Flash, developed by GED Testing Service, for individuals studying on their own and GED Flash for Organizations™, developed by Aztec Software for adult ed programs and institutions, give users access to a database of thousands of practice questions based on the GED test subjects.

The new tool provides instant feedback on which questions students got right or wrong, giving the information they need to develop study plans and hone in on skills they need to improve to pass the test.

Having access to questions similar to those on the GED test, with the correct answers explained in a way students can understand, helps students commit to the testing process and keep their momentum.

Students studying on their own can purchase monthly access to unlimited questions through their account and each time a student logs into GED Flash they will receive additional quiz questions with the option to answer a random selection of questions or choose a specific category to focus their practice.

Aztec Software has also created the companion product–GED Flash for Organizations™–for adult education programs and instructors to use with their students. This version of the GED Flash tool allows programs and teachers to access the same questions and answers available to students with the addition of tracking and interpretive tools. These features include reports that show students’ time on task, data related to student and classroom progress and the ability to assign content areas based upon individual or class needs.

GED Flash is a study resource students and teachers can use at any point during their preparation journey, and can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from their mobile phone, tablet, or computer.  

Independent learners can now purchase GED Flash for Math through It will be available on March 20 through for organizations and educators. The other subjects (Science, Social Studies, Reasoning Through Language Arts) will follow in the coming months. This video has more information about GED Flash for Math for independent learners.