GED Exam Delivery Manager Natalie Cummins walks us through new ways we are supporting GED Test Centers.

Greetings! I’m thrilled to introduce myself to the wider GED field. My name is Natalie Cummins and I’m the new Exam Delivery Manager for the GED test in the United States. Prior to joining Pearson VUE, you may have known me in my previous roles as the GED Administrator for Kentucky, a state regional associate for Kentucky Adult Education, or as a local adult education teacher.

Working on the Pearson VUE side, my responsibility is to support all aspects of the implementation and maintenance of GED Test Centers. Due to the importance of the GED exam, Pearson VUE created this role last year to recognize and resolve GED Test Center capacity and operation issues. While I primarily support the GED State Relationship Managers as they assist states on a more localized level, I am also here to answer your questions about creating a GED Test Center and to facilitate the resolution of questions from existing test centers.

For the coming year, I’m looking at various new ways to support incoming and existing GED test centers. Here are some items on my list:

  • Leading multiple sessions at the GED Testing Service Annual Conference this July
  • Improving communications with GED Test Centers to provide education for solving commonplace issues
  • Hosting ad hoc webinars to states and prospective test centers on the approval process with clear guidance on common pitfalls and delay points they can avoid when applying

In addition to these forward-facing activities, I’m working within Pearson itself to support the various internal teams that collectively serve GED Test Centers. While there’s always a lot to be done, I’m excited to be able to translate my 25+ years in adult education to a new, national venue while still supporting the incredibly important work performed by the adult education and testing field. If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact me at [email protected].