To help better prepare your student on what to expect through their GED journey, we want to share the student’s views as they interact with their account through the preparation, scheduling and testing phases.

Inside the Student Account

As an educator, you can create a student account to see how a student account looks. You can explore the student experience by creating an account on our “demo” site. You can navigate to this website link:

You then sign-up for a account just like you would on If you don’t have GED Manager access, you can create a real student account. Use a different email address than the one you use as an educator and enter “Candidate” for your fictitious student’s last name.

This tool is a streamlined way for you to demonstrate to your students how to set up a account.

Scheduling the OP test

Once the student scored green on their practice test, they are then able to schedule an OP test. The student will be asked to agree to the online exam policies, choose their preferred exam language, and select the content areas they would like to be tested in.

The student will then be led to a selection and appointment date and time then to confirm their appointment details. After agreeing to GED’s policies, students are then able to pay for their tests. After payment, confirmation information will be sent to the student, and they will be able to start their system test.

System Test

Before taking the OP test, students much perform a system test to make sure their computer, webcam and internet connection meet the online testing requirements. While running a system test, students must confirm that the device they are running a test on is the same device that will be used on their exam day.

The student will go through a series of network checks, equipment checks, and an exam simulation. The test will check things on your devices like download speed, webcam quality, and if your device can run the OnVUE exam simulation.

Preparing for the OP test

A helpful resource that will help students prepare for the OP test is our practice whiteboard. This onscreen whiteboard can be used during the test to draw and write math calculations. Students will be able to access the whiteboard during their exam by clicking the “Whiteboard” icon at the top of the screen.

You can practice using the whiteboard by navigating here.

Check-in on test day

On the student’s test day, they will be able to run a system check if they have not already done so. Then, they can prepare their workspace and launch their test up to 30 minutes before their appointment time. Before their test is launched, they will be shown a video going through all the rules of the OP test.

For the student to begin their check-in process, they must enter their access code and mobile phone number. If the student needs any help throughout their check-in process, a live chat will be available to help with any questions.

After the access code is entered, they must verify their age so that the check-in process can begin. The student will run through a quick series of equipment and network checks then move on to mobile check-in.

For mobile check-in, the student will be asked to take required verification photos and to upload their government-issued ID. After that, the student will then have to upload pictures of their testing space to ensure they are testing in the correct environment. After all these photos are uploaded, the mobile check-in is complete.

Lastly, the student will be asked to close all other device applications and agree to the exam rules. When they are done with the check-in process, the student will now have to wait for a proctor to begin their test.

We hope this look at the GED student experience will help you prepare your students for what to expect when preparing for and taking their GED test!