The GED Ready score report continues to evolve as we update the features to help students successfully prepare for the GED test subjects.

Here is a look at the updates we’ve made this year.

Linking the study tool via pop-up

Linking a study tool in the Score Report helps to further guide students so they know exactly which pages or sections to study based on the skills they need to focus on. A number of our students don’t link their current study tool and are missing out on valuable study guidance. Some of our students shared with us that they aren’t linking their tool in the Score Report because they don’t always know the name of their book or online resource, but if they saw a picture of the cover it would help them to find and link it more easily.

When we A/B tested this feature earlier this year, we saw more students successfully linking a study tool. This study tool pop-up is now available to all students on their GED Ready score reports.

Single page view for RLA Score Reports

We are providing a cleaner single page view vs. having a separate tab for the written response portion of the Reasoning Through Language Arts score report. We are also adding some new written response resources to help students prepare. As part of our A/B test this year, we tracked how many students were scrolling down to the written response section on the single page versus clicking on the separate tab as well as monitored how many students use the additional resources. We saw more students scrolling down on the single page vs. clicking on the separate tab, and thus have now rolled out the single page RLA score report for all students.

New printed score report

We’ve been in touch with educators for feedback as well. When teachers print out the score report, we learned that many want an area where they can write notes for their students regarding the skills to focus on. This new feature will be included in a re-formatted version of the printed score report which will be available soon.

New format for the Skills List

Reformatting the skills list will make it more usable for our students. We learned that students are most interested in which pages or sections to study so we have moved the study pages on top of the skill and removed the skills headers. Students didn’t find the skills to be helpful on their own, and most students just wanted to get right to the pages they needed to study. We also added check marks so that students can track their study progress.

Retake your GED Ready” option at the bottom of the skills list

This serves as a convenient reminder for students to check their readiness for the GED by taking another GED Ready practice test. We are currently A/B testing this option to see if students do indeed take another GED Ready test to ensure they are ready to pass the GED. We will be rolling out this option if it’s successful.

Guided Wizard

This will be a guided experience within the Score Report to walk students through what to do next after having their extended responses scored by an educator. The “wizard” asks the test taker questions that require the test taker to re-read their response and reflect on what they wrote. It also provides feedback that identifies where they can improve their response and how to incorporate that in future writing. This feature will be A/B tested later this year.


We will continue testing additional features over the next few months, so you may have some students who see the new features and some who may not yet. As we see success with the new features, we will roll them out to all students. We anticipate that these updates will make the score report more useful for students and will help to improve the overall GED student journey.