With GED Ready, learners are able to build the confidence they need to pass their GED test. With this program, learners are also able to see exactly what they need to study to prepare for their test day.

GED Ready is the only practice test on the market that gives learners an indicator of how likely they are to pass the real test. Once learners finish taking the GED Ready practice test, they will then be able to view their indicators. The three indicators are:

  • Green (145-200): Learners are likely to pass the real GED test and are encouraged to schedule their test.
  • Yellow (134-144): Learners are almost ready to take and pass their GED. Learners are encouraged to keep practicing a little more.
  • Red (100-133): Learners are not likely to pass the test at this time and are encouraged to spend more time practicing. Learners should save time and focus only on what they need to learn.

You can learn more and view detailed descriptions about each GED Ready score by using the performance level descriptors.

When it comes to studying and preparing for the GED test, learners can link GED Ready’s customized study plan with their preferred study tool to spend time on the areas that they need to improve on. When linking their preferred study tool in the Score Report, it helps learners know exactly which pages or sections to study based on the skills they need to focus on.

GED Ready is useful for learners and will help improve their overall GED journey. Learners can purchase the GED Ready subject tests through their GED.com accounts. Educators can use GED Marketplace and GED Manager to purchase GED Ready for learners.