Our new GED+ product is helping self-study learners reach their GED credentials in an all-inclusive program.

The GED+ product offers learners everything they need during their GED prep journey, including:

  • A GED advisor
  • Access to English and Spanish study materials
  • GED Ready practice tests
  • Access to online tutors for tough topics
  • GED tests for every subject

GED+ was created to help learners studying on their own benefit from the structure of an all-in-one program with the support of an advisor in the process. Advisors act as coaches and motivators, as well as hold learners accountable for earning their GED credential. Learners also have the opportunity to be matched with a tutor who can help them tackle tough topics. The GED Ready practice test acts as a starting point to help learners see firsthand what to expect on their test day and what they need to study.

GED+ was launched as a pilot in May. Our data shows that students who go through the GED+ program are 2x as likely to earn their GED credential than those who study on their own. In addition, as an all-inclusive program with a “test pass guarantee,” the cost of the test and any retakes are fully covered throughout the student’s entire journey of earning their GED credential.

GED+ is available for all four subjects at $389 or each subject can be purchased individually for $119. Educators and programs can purchase GED+ four-subject vouchers here or one-subject vouchers here. To learn more about this product and how it can help your learners visit: ged.com/gedplus.