GED Grad Day is taking place on May 12, and this year we will have our first-ever virtual ceremony! Here are some tips on how to support your students during the event.

GED Grad Day was created because our graduates do not have a traditional ceremony. Our graduates show grit, resilience, and determination by earning their GED. We are so excited to celebrate their accomplishments and hard work. Join us on May 12th at 1 PM EST to celebrate all our past and recent GED graduates for GED Grad Day.

This will be our first-ever virtual ceremony taking place as a Facebook live-stream. Encourage your students, both current learners and recent graduates, to join the Facebook Graduates Group to access the event.

We encourage educators, family members, friends, teachers, and employers to share congratulatory and motivational messages for our graduates. If you decide to submit a video, please include your adult ed program, city, and state.

For more information on GED Grad Day, visit