Welcome, Jane Bledsoe, GED Director of Product Management, who will share information on Accelerated Pathways with our network of educators and administrators.

 Tell us about Accelerated Pathways. How can it work with the GED curriculum and what are the advantages for our learners?
Accelerated Pathways is a non-traditional, online college experience that offers a proven plan to earn an affordable online degree in less time. Students in our program can customize their college experience and save thousands of dollars. Once students have completed their GED credential, they can continue their lifelong learning by signing up to take college-level courses accepted by over 2,200 colleges and universities nationwide.

Question: What is Accelerated Pathways’ Bridge –to-College Program?
This is an ideal program for the GED learner because it allows learners who did not score “college ready” on their GED to earn college credit while gaining knowledge in core subjects. The flexibility of monthly start dates, online classes and assignments are other great advantages for GED learners.


Question: Why is it important for our educators and administrators to know about the Bridge to College Program?
 The Bridge to College Program consists of three courses designed to prepare students for hybrid (combined remedial and traditional) college-level work: College Success, College Algebra, and English Composition I. All three of these courses will run in an instructor-led model so that learners have support from their instructors and coaches throughout. College Algebra and English Composition I are 16 weeks long. College Success is an 8-week, first-year experience course designed to prepare learners for the rigor of college-level coursework.


Where can educators, administrators, and learners find out more about Accelerated Pathways?
 Visit Accelerated Pathways, or contact [email protected] or call (210) 318-4131.