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What’s Your Learning Style? Discover the Best Approach to Studying Based on 7 Effective Learning Styles

November 2, 2023

Our recent partnership with WithYouWithMe (WYWM), a social impact tech company, explores a new initiative aimed at improving student learning outcomes. The objective is to support learners by providing insights into each individual’s unique personal learning styles and provide the GED® tools to facilitate learning. Knowing your learning style is very helpful for studying and passing the GED test! Fun fact: 50% of candidates who take advantage of discovering their personal learning styles have already taken a single GED test, meaning it’s never too late to learn about your learning style! 

Every student has a unique way of processing, internalizing, and remembering information, which is why taking the free Learning Preference Assessment is an important step. Below is a breakdown of each learning style and the recommended GED study tool(s) to help facilitate learning: 

1. Visual (Spatial) Learning:

Visual learners are individuals who favor using images, photographs, or other visual aids to understand and remember information. They are adept at processing and retaining knowledge when presented in a visual format. Charts, diagrams, and videos are examples of materials that resonate with visual learners. We recommend GED FlashTM for visual learners to explore thousands of interactive GED practice questions.

2. Kinaesthetic (Physical) Learning:

 Kinaesthetic learners are hands-on individuals who prefer using their body and sense of touch to learn. For them, learning is an active process, and they grasp concepts best by doing and feeling. They often excel in tasks that require physical coordination and sensory engagement, which is we recommend Scoreboost Workbooks for kinaesthetic learners

3. Auditory (Musical) Learning:

Auditory learners rely on sound and music as their primary learning tools. They find it easier to absorb information through listening – whether it’s a lecture, a conversation, or recorded content. Learners often have a habit of verbalizing what they’re trying to remember, using spoken language to reinforce their memory and understanding! GED LiveTM is a great study tool for individuals who prefer auditory learning.

4. Interpersonal (Social) Learning:

Interpersonal learners thrive in social settings and benefit from interacting with others to learn. They are effective communicators and excel in group discussions, collaborations, and cooperative projects. These individuals learn not only from verbal communication but also from non-verbal cues such as body language and facial expressions. If this learning style resonates with you, then check out GED Live and start interacting with likeminded students and learn from expert teachers in online classes!

5. Intrapersonal (Solitary) Learning:

Intrapersonal learners prefer to work independently, finding their optimal learning environment in solitude. They are introspective and able to concentrate deeply when free from external distractions. If that sounds like you, grab a GED study book and find a quiet place to work through concepts independently. 

6. Verbal (Linguistic) Learning:

Verbal learners favor the use of words, both in speech and writing as their primary learning method. These individuals have a strong inclination towards language-based learning, and often rely on techniques such as mnemonics and reciting information to reinforce their understanding. Learn as you go by navigating through Scoreboost Workbooks.

7. Logical (Mathematical) Learning:

Logical learners are individuals who lean towards logical reasoning, systems, and patterns to absorb information. These learners appreciate structured, well-organized information and often excel in subjects that involve logical reasoning, mathematics, and problem-solving. We recommend browsing through GED+TM, an all-inclusive GED prep program to help you pass your GED test. GED+ is especially popular for the math subject of the GED test, as you’ll notice in several of these grad success stories.  

Our collaboration with WYWM marks a significant stride in enhancing student learning outcomes. We aim to empower learners with insights into their unique learning styles, providing them with the right tools to excel in their GED preparations. Understanding one’s learning style is a pivotal step towards GED success, and we’re thrilled to offer this assessment for free to all students through their student portal. Simply login to your student account, navigate to the Study tab, and take the Learning Preferences Assessment. Remember, it’s never too late to discover your learning style and enhance your GED journey! 


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