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RLA 101: What is a semicolon?

August 28, 2020

The semicolon may not be as complicated as you may think; it’s simply misunderstood and often misused by students during the RLA test. In short, a semicolon is a mashup between a comma and a period. Comma + period = semicolon. 

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Yep, it’s that simple but let’s talk more about how and when to use it.  

The period:

A period is more definitive. It marks the end of a sentence, while a semicolon is more like a long pause, and then the sentence keeps going.   

Think of a semicolon like a stop sign and a period like a red light.  


If you’re reading out loud (or driving), you would make a brief stop when you get to a semicolon (or stop sign). This pause is not as long as what you would do when you see a period at the end of a sentence (or a stoplight).  

After a period, you could start a new paragraph; with a semicolon, you can’t make such a leap. 


  • Mark saw a dog driving a blue car down the street; he believed the dog was alone in the car. [semicolon] 
  • Mark saw a dog driving a blue car down the street. He is concerned about the dog and the other drivers on the road[period] 

The Comma:

A comma separates clauses along with a conjunction such as “but” and “or.” A semicolon separates two main clauses; they are often complete enough to stand on their own but are part of the same thought.  

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We’ll leave Bikini Bottom and go back to the traffic light analogy for a moment. comma indicates a short pause and functions similar to a yellow light, telling you to slow down as you read. A semicolon would still cause you to stop briefly, like at a stop sign.  

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When you read with a comma in your sentence, you keep going despite taking a quick pause.  


  • Eugene is excited about his new bike, but he doesn’t know how to ride it. [comma] 
  • Arnold and Gerald are watching Eugene leave on his bike; they all just noticed the stop sign right ahead. [semicolon]

While our dear friend Eugene learns the importance of his brakes and stop signs, we can share one additional option you can use when pausing in a sentence.   


Attention, everyone.

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The Colon:

Not that coloneven though it is important for bodily functions and deserves an honorable mention, we’re talking about the one that can start a list or clarify a command.  


  • Your GED can help you do many things once you graduate: go to college, get a new job, and impress all your friends. [colon] 
  • Keep studying: we know you’ll do great! [colon]

That’s it for us, but we hope you’re as excited about English grammar as we are! 

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