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Top Study Tips to Pass the GED

December 10, 2019

Teachers often recommend starting with the test subject that is least challenging, to wade in gently with topics that are in your comfort zone. This approach helps build confidence as you gear up for the tough stuff. 

To begin, login to your account at to check out free study guides. You’ll get a sense of all four subjects, then decide which one is best for you to take first.

Social Studies

Social Studies is interesting because there are many visuals involved, such as graphs, maps and charts. These help you understand trends and gather clues through imagery. You won’t feel pressured to answer every question based only on text. 

You won’t have to memorize a lot for Social Studies. It’s more about applying concepts that you know already and interpret info presented in the test.


Science uses formulas and analytical thinking. You’ll be given reference sheets during the test, so there’s very little memorization. Practice questions are a great way to stay sharp for Science


To make Reasoning through Language Arts (RLA) flow smoothly, get used to absorbing info quickly by reading articles on major news sites. The average article contains 500 to 700 words. Here’s a hint: it typically takes less than a minute to read 100 words. So you’re looking at just a few minutes of reading per article. For example, the blog post you’re reading now is under 400 words long.  

Writing is something we do everyday, like texting and posting to social media; but when it comes to long-form essays, it’s great to have a writing tutor help you along. This virtual expert will help you organize thoughts, make content flow, catch spelling errors and clear up grammar confusion…like when to use an ellipsis.


Many students agree that Math is the toughest subject. By enrolling in a local class or taking online courses, you can learn the skills you need to pass, such as algebra. Also, practicing a little at a time makes Math easier to get through. In just a few minutes a day, try GED Flash for thousands of interactive questions at home or on-the-go. 

Last but not least, here’s a tip for test day from Captain Obvious: “Get a good night’s sleep, eat a healthy breakfast and stay hydrated.”

Have other study tips that you’d like to share with other GED students? Put them in the comments below.



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