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Struggling With Prep for the GED Test? 4 Libraries to Visit to Help Renew Your Motivation

November 2, 2023

Finding it hard to focus while studying for your GED tests, or lack attention span? Working at the same study spot for long durations may potentially be the root cause of it all. Research shows that a change of scenery can increase alertness, focus, well-being and mood — thus improving your overall productivity. Here are four libraries you can visit in the United States today to make studying into a roadtrip and explore new places as you prep for your GED test!     

Library of Congress 

Located in the country’s capital, the Library of Congress (LOC) is the largest library in the world, boasting more than 173 million combined books, print materials, manuscripts, etc. Whether you’re looking for complete silence or group study, the LOC has plenty of space and rooms dedicated to each activity. The Technology, Science and Business reading rooms all offer scenic views of the surrounding architecture. Still, if studying in a confined space is what you seek, smaller reading rooms such as the Manuscript, Asian, Local History and Genealogy rooms are all great options. Nonetheless, you can feel the history around you in every corner! 

Salt Lake City Public Library – The City Library  


If you fancy unique architectural structures and studying in a ton of natural light, then the Salt Lake City Public Library is the place to take your next GED study grind to! As you move up in the building from floor to floor, you may notice that it gets quieter; this effect is by design. Inevitably, you’ll find the more study-oriented areas on the upper levels, with the noisier areas on the lower levels. 

New York Public Library 


New York has a lot to offer when it comes to a change of scenery for your GED studying. If you’re in the area, the New York Public Library is a must-try-out location, with ‘The Rose Main Reading Room’ being a favorite spot amongst students for studying. Having various buildings, you are almost guaranteed a spot where you can study even during peak hours. Some buildings even have cafes to help refuel after a long hard day of prepping for your GED test.   

Seattle Public Library – Central Library  


The Seattle Public Library is hard to miss due to its breathtaking layout from the outside and even more impressive layout inside; one may argue that the resemblance is straight from their favorite movie about wizards and a group of three friends! Each floor offers ample reading and studying areas, with a well-decorated and bright theme. With comfortable seats and electrical outlets at every corner, this could be your next destination to study and pass your upcoming GED test. 


Planning a trip across the country may not be possible right away, we get that. That’s okay! You can change scenery much closer than you think. Check out your local library or choose a café down the street. When the weather is nice, simply going outside to a park with your books or mobile prep tools can create a nice break for your brain while continuing to study. If you are still struggling with preparing for your GED test, check out GED+ — an all-inclusive program with a personal advisor and countless study tools and practice tests to help give you earn your GED with confidence! 


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