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How to Know When You Are Ready to Take the GED Test?

May 10, 2022

Prepare For GED

There are steps to take when determining how to prepare for GED testing. You’ve signed up for GED preparation classes and put in the necessary time and attention. You feel like you’ve got this. However, when do you know for sure that you’re ready for the actual test?

It’s different for every student. Here are some questions to ask yourself when determining readiness for yourself.

1. How well do you know each subject?

Determine your comfort level with the GED subjects you’ve been studying. Dig deeper and assess your needs. If you feel secure and confident, that’s fantastic.

Slow down and get familiar with all the sections on the test. If you feel like you can explain a subject in your own words and be understood, you’re there! Don’t fall into the trap of neglecting one topic because you’re focusing on another.

2. Are you devoting enough time to studying?

Every student is different. Some have been out of school for a while and might need months of study to get ready. Others might only need a few weeks. If so, you are well on your way to accomplishing this important goal. Be sure you incorporate good study habits and review the material for at least a few hours each night.

Keep in mind the entire GED test is over seven hours long. That means when you sit down to study, you should be able to focus for over an hour without a break. If you find yourself drifting and daydreaming after 20 minutes or so, work on increasing your concentration stamina.

3. How familiar are you with each GED subject test?

Review each subject test and understand the information covered, so you are fully prepared. This includes looking at the type of questions asked and the format. You also want to record how much time you need to complete each test.

You may do well in one area, such as language arts, while you struggle in another area, like math. This is what good studying and subject tests help you determine. Now you know where to focus your energy so you pass all subject tests in the end.

4. Did you pass the practice test?

The practice test is vital to understanding your readiness for the GED. If you pass the pre-tests, that’s a great sign you’ll pass the GED. If you’re getting low scores, that’s okay. You need more work in certain areas.

You are not in this alone. Our GED preparation course provides support, relevant study guides, and tutoring to focus your GED study efforts where they will do the most good. Answering these questions above and utilizing our solid GED preparation classes will help you earn your GED with confidence.


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