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How Long Does It Take to Get Your GED?

September 14, 2021

Completing your high school education can hold the key to a better future, and taking the GED test offers the chance of earning a diploma in a matter of months. With enough preparation and dedication, you can get your GED certificate. If you’ve been wondering how long it takes to get your GED, here’s an overview of the process.

How Long Do People Generally Study for the GED? 

Depending on your learning style, you might be ready to take your GED test after a month or perhaps longer. If possible, take your time preparing thoroughly, and schedule the exam when you’re confident you can pass it. 

The GED comprises four different exam topics: 

  • Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Science 

It’s a good idea to take the GED Ready practice test first to determine your strengths and weaknesses. You can then focus on the areas you need to improve.  

Studying for 90 minutes, four to five times a week, is an effective study routine for most people. If this isn’t possible, studying two to three times a week is still a good strategy, though it might take you longer to feel ready for the test. You can improve your concentration and retention of the material by creating the best study environment possible.

It’s possible to study for all the sections at once and take the entire exam on the same day. However, you can also spread out the test over several weeks and focus your study on whichever subject you’re taking. For example, you can focus on one subject for three weeks, then take the exam, or study all subjects for about three months and take the entire GED test at once. 

With a fixed study schedule, you’ll be better able to narrow down the length of time it takes to get a GED.

How Long Is the GED Test? 

Taking all four GED subjects at once would take around 7.5 hours. However, many test-takers choose to spread the sections out a bit more. 

You might find it more favorable to schedule one subtest at a time. How long it takes to get your GED depends on how you schedule your test.

The breakdown of each section is as follows:

  • Language Arts: 150 minutes, with a 10-minute break
  • Social Studies: 70 minutes
  • Mathematics: 115 minutes
  • Science: 90 minutes

How Long Does It Take to Get GED Scores? 

So you’ve put in the work. You’ve studied, taken the entire test, and are on the cusp of personally discovering how long a GED takes to earn. Now it’s out of your hands, but how long does it take to get your GED scores? 

Most people can get their results within a few hours of taking the GED test. If not, expect to get it within 24 hours of completing the exam. 

To know whether the results are ready for viewing, you can check your email or log into your GED account online. If it’s been four business days since your test and you still haven’t received your results, get in touch with the GED support team. They can help find your information or provide other GED-related assistance.

A Stepping Stone to Success

How long does it take to get your GED? It depends on when you take the first steps! 

Getting your GED can be a stepping stone to many exciting opportunities. So celebrate this milestone and keep moving forward. If you haven’t gotten your GED yet but are interested in pursuing this certification, be sure to prepare for the exam and contact us if you have any questions. We’re here to help you attain your credential and stay on track.

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