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How to Get a Passing Score on the GED Test

January 22, 2021

You’ve been dedicated to consistent study and are finally ready to take the GED. But before you go in for your test, it’s important to know your goal. A GED passing score on all four subjects allows you to earn a high school equivalency credential, and a college-ready score can allow you even more opportunities for your future education. So what is a good GED score? And how do you find out your GED score and what it means? The answer to this question depends on your goals.

What is a Passing GED Score?

You need to receive a score of 145 or better to pass the GED. But students who score higher may be eligible to receive college credit or even skip college entrance exams. So clearly, it’s in a student’s best interest to do as well as possible on the GED.

Overview of GED Scores

GED test score percentiles can be broken down into four categories: below a passing score, a high school equivalency score, a College Ready score, and a College Ready + Credit score that could result in college credit.

Below a Passing Score: 100-144

Students who get below a passing score will need to retake any test subject of the GED exam that they did not pass. If they earned below a passing score on all subjects of the GED exam, they would need to retake each subject.

Passing Score: 145-164

Students who achieve a score of 145 or higher on each section of the exam will earn a high school equivalency credential.

College Ready Score: 165-174

Though a score of 145 or better is considered a passing score on the GED, a college-ready score is considered to be anything above 164. Students who score 165-174 show that they have the skills needed to start college-level courses and may be exempt from placement tests or remedial (non-credit) courses in college. However, their score may not qualify them to skip entrance exams.

College Ready + Credit Score: 175-200

Any student who earns a score of 175 or higher may have the chance to earn up to 10 college credits, or have the chance to skip college entrance exams. GED Testing Service will endorse these students, but it’s ultimately up to the college to decide if they are eligible for these benefits.

Does a Score on the GED Test Translate into a GPA?

Though many students believe that a GED test can be easily translated into a GPA, there is actually no general rule of thumb to do so.

Do Your Best

When it comes to studying for the GED, doing your best is what counts most. Study the right topics, take practice exams, and hone in on your weaknesses. The better your score, the more opportunities you’ll have to earn college credit and begin your path to a rewarding future.


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