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GED Graduate Highlight: Meet Myles

May 18, 2020

Meet Myles our next GED student highlight. Growing up in Chicago, Myles had to switch schools more than once. Having to make new friends all over again and go through the process of joining new classes was stressful. His behavior changed and he had trouble concentrating; teachers began to assume he had ADHD.  Myles didn’t want to transfer to another school, so he ended up leaving high school. 

Myles soon realized that in order to get a good job, he had to have at least a high school diploma. Upon joining the Safer Foundation program, Myles really buckled down and focused on his GED prep. He ended up passing the test in just four weeks! Compared to several months on average for most students, that’s lightning fast. 

“I was proud to get my GED in just four weeks. I realized that if I could get past the socializing [aspect of high school], I could get straight to the books. Stay focused and you can do it!”

Getting his GED made Myles feel more in control of his life. He could make plans for the future and act on them. His next step is going to college to study marketing.


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