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Final Prep Tips the Week Before Your GED Exam

February 10, 2022

It’s the day before your GED exam and you’re thinking of ways to prepare. Don’t know where to start? The tips below will help you get ready fast.  

Clarify All Your Doubts     

Before test day, be sure that you understand all the info clearly. You can do this by jotting down every topic that’s challenging for you. Use previous study materials and online resources to help clarify your doubts.  

The day before the exam, focus on reviewing those difficult topics and getting them down so test day is a breeze!  

Complete a Practice Test       

Completing a practice test is a great way to review and allows you to gauge your level of understanding. We recommend to take at least three practice tests throughout your GED prep. You can practice by using sample exams that your instructor provides or find them online.  

Here’s another tip: time yourself while completing it to make sure you have good pacing. Use GED Ready or check out our free GED practice tests!      

Review With a Friend     

Studies have shown that reviewing with a friend helps to retain more information, increases your level of motivation, and encourages you to think more critically. When collaborating with another person, you get exposed to different points of view. This is extremely beneficial because it can make a difficult topic easier to understand.  

Next time a big test is coming up, create a study group or call a friend!        

Get Plenty of Rest      

Don’t pull an all-nighter before an exam! Cramming and staying up late will leave you tired and struggling to focus the next day. Instead, lightly review before going to bed early and eat a filling breakfast the next morning. This will help you feel energized throughout the day and remain cool, calm, and collected when the exam begins.   

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