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Do Homeschoolers Get a Diploma or GED®?

August 7, 2023

Parents and students considering homeschooling often face many of the same questions, including if homeschoolers get a diploma or a GED®. In short, homeschoolers typically receive a homeschool diploma. However, others choose to earn their GED®.

Homeschooling is a popular alternative to traditional schooling in the educational landscape. However, questions remain regarding the credentials homeschoolers obtain upon completing their education.

Fortunately, we’re here to shed light on the topic and explore the distinctions between homeschool diplomas and GEDs and the options for parents and students.

Do Homeschoolers Get a Diploma?

Yes, homeschoolers get a homeschool diploma, so long as homeschooling follows all state laws and regulations. For example, some states require homeschoolers to maintain attendance records, meet subject requirements, pass official testing, and file quarterly reports. Others require parents to meet eligibility requirements before they can homeschool their child.

So what is the meaning of a homeschool diploma? Homeschool diplomas are the equivalent of a high school diploma for students that have received homeschooling.

Homeschool diplomas are most commonly issued by the parent who provided a child’s education. However, some states require the parents of homeschoolers to have a high school diploma or GED®. In some cases, the diploma may be issued by a virtual school, or in very rare cases, their local public school.

Homeschool diplomas can be used to apply for college and employment, and join the military, just like a high school diploma or a GED.

Do Homeschoolers Need a GED?

Generally, no. Homeschool diplomas are recognized in all 50 states. However, some states have stricter regulations and laws regarding testing, subject knowledge, and other homeschool requirements.

Should a Homeschooler Get a GED?

Homeschool diplomas vs. GEDs is a heavily debated topic, but both options provide students with viable paths to success. GEDs and homeschool diplomas can be used to pursue further education, open the doors to more career opportunities, increase earning potential, join the military, and more.

But if a homeschool diploma vs. GED® is more or less a moot point, is there any reason a homeschooler might want to pursue a GED? The answer is yes. There are many benefits of a homeschool student pursuing a GED, including:

  • Leaving Homeschool Before Completion: If a student would rather obtain a GED® before completing their homeschooling, they may be able to do so. The minimum age requirement for taking the GED® test varies by state. Some states permit students aged 16 and 17 to study for and take the GED®, while others require students to be at least 18.
  • College Credits: Did you know you may be able to earn college credits for passing the GED® after homeschooling? Rather than choosing one over the other, students who achieve high enough scores on the GED® test can earn college credits at select colleges, giving a valuable boost to furthering their education.

Earning Your GED®

Earning a GED® can be beneficial even if you’ve attended or completed homeschooling, especially if you intend to pursue higher education., we provide students with the tools and resources needed to succeed.

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