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Celebrate Your GED Grad Day Your Way!

April 6, 2023

With GED Grad Day coming up on May 12th, you must be excited about celebrating your success and sharing inspiration with other students. Since it’s not a traditional, in-person graduation celebration, we have plenty of ideas for creating a party atmosphere 100% online. Maybe at home, you’re taking a hybrid approach with some friends and family in person and others on screens. Read on for creative ways to celebrate your GED achievement with your friends and family near and far. 

Planning an Online Graduation Ceremony 

Getting your GED is a huge accomplishment! The next step is to plan your ceremony for GED Grad Day 2023. You can invite your loved ones to join you in-person or virtually using video conferencing software such as Zoom. Here are some tips for planning a successful online graduation ceremony: 

  • Create a schedule: Plan out the order of events for your graduation ceremony, such as speeches, award presentations, and the turning of the tassel. 
  • Practice with your technology: Make sure you test your internet connection and video conferencing software before the ceremony to avoid any technical difficulties. 
  • Graduation caps & gowns: Just because you’re celebrating in a non-traditional setting doesn’t mean you can’t dress up in your graduation attire! Wear your cap and gown or other formal wear to make the occasion feel more special. 
  • Share a graduation program/agenda: Create a virtual graduation program that you can share with your guests. This can include the schedule of events, a list of graduates, and other information about your graduation. 
  • Take pictures: Screencaps are a fun way to capture everyone’s smiles and remember this special day.  

Hosting a Graduation Party 

After your GED Grad Day ceremony, it’s time to think about ways to host a graduation party! Here are some ideas for hosting a virtual and/or in-person party that everyone can enjoy: 

  • Organize a toast: have all your loved ones go around and raise a glass to your accomplishments and toast to your future. You can also make some non-alcoholic drinks to celebrate with your family members who are under 21 or don’t drink. 
  • Host party games: There are plenty of games you can plan to play with your friends and family, such as graduation-themed trivia, graduation bingo, or graduation-themed charades. You can also organize a scavenger hunt where guests can find graduation-themed items around the house. 
  • Share memories with a photo album: Create a photo album of your graduation journey, and invite your guests to add their own photos and memories. You can also use an app or software to create a virtual memory book that guests can sign and share their wishes.
  • Host a dance party: Create a playlist of your favorite songs and have a virtual or in-person dance party with your loved ones. We highly recommend having a dance off! 

GED Graduation Main Event Party Ideas 

  • Graduation Party Decorations: Set the scene with decorations, such as a banner, balloons, and confetti. You can also set up a photo booth to capture memories with your near and dear ones. These elements can be background uploads for virtual guests.  
  • Graduation Party Favors: Send your guests virtual party favors, such as a custom digital photo frame or a virtual certificate to thank them for celebrating with you. 
  • Graduation Party Food and Drinks: Celebrate your graduation with a special meal! Cook or order your favorite meal and enjoy it with your family and friends. You can even take it to the next level and send everyone a (simple) recipe beforehand so you can prepare the dish all together with your screen on the counter.  
  • Graduation Party Guest Book: Create and pass around a guest book where your guests can leave messages of congratulations and well wishes. You can also use a free online platform like Google Forms or SurveyMonkey to create a custom form for your guests to fill out online. Include questions like “What advice do you have for my future?” Enjoy reading the heartfelt messages of support and encouragement! 

Make celebrating your GED Grad Day 2023 with a virtual graduation ceremony and party as memorable and fun as possible! With these creative ideas, you can make your virtual grad celebration unforgettable and share the joy with your loved ones. Whether you’re planning an in-person and/or an online graduation party, these tips will help you create a celebration that reflects your achievements and your unique personality.  


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