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Build Your Confidence and Get GED Ready

January 10, 2022

Taking the GED can be a life-changing event. Passing the GED gives you a boost as well as access to more jobs with advanced training and better benefits. You’ll be able to pursue higher education and follow a path to advanced degrees and more opportunities. 

Preparation for the GED is critical. It’s also stressful, and to get GED ready means preparing with hard work and discipline. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be difficult

Here are some helpful tips for better test-taking. You can do this! 

Test Taking Tips

  1. Take time to read each question carefully. 
  2. Make sure you understand the question. 
  3. Read all the answers before choosing one. 
  4. Mark off questions that are obviously wrong and concentrate on what’s left. 
  5. Don’t overthink or change answers all over the test. Your first answer is usually the right one. 
  6. Pace yourself. Determine how much time you have and divide that by the remaining number of questions. That’s how long you should spend on each one. 
  7. Skip answers you don’t know and go back to them. Fresher eyes and perspective might be helpful when you’re done and have time to review.
  8. Go ahead and guess if necessary. Answer every question.
  9. Avoid absolutes. Answers with always, never, or must are usually wrong. 
  10. Watch out for questions with “except” or “not” in them. Read them carefully. 
  11. Read the questions thoroughly, even when they’re overloading you with information. That material will often contain clues for the correct answer. 

Trust yourself—you’re prepared. You’ve read the question and each answer. You’ve got this!

Changes to Build Confidence

To get GED ready also means making some lifestyle changes. 

Set aside time to study. This can be early in the morning before your day begins or in the evening before bed. Whenever you are at your best and can concentrate on the information is the right time to study. 

Keep a positive attitude. Your confidence will grow the more you prepare. Take practice tests until you feel like you’re ready. Repeat positive affirmations along the way—the more you say them, the more you’ll believe them. 

Take deep breaths. Make sure each breath is slow and deep. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. This is also a good time to repeat those positive affirmations. Close your eyes if you can and believe it. Meditation is a great way to relax and lower anxiety. 

Stay hydrated with water and eat healthy foods. This will improve your ability to sleep through the night. It will also help you stay focused when you’re awake and is especially true for exam day. 

Physical activity at least twenty minutes a few days each week. Physical activity, which can include exercise, just like eating right and drinking plenty of water, will help you study and sleep. You’ll also stay positive longer and relax when stress hits you out of the blue. 

Don’t forget to factor in some fun. Getting GED ready means getting some rest in between all the work. Try to have one day during the week when you don’t study or worry about what’s next. Every other day, schedule breaks to go outside and get some fresh air. All of this will benefit you on test day. 

These tips for better test-taking and lifestyle changes will build your confidence to do this successfully. Don’t wait—start studying for the GED now!


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