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Best Music to Listen to While Studying for the GED

May 19, 2021

Studying for hours on end for an upcoming exam can be a stressful experience. Believe it or not, music can serve as a useful study tool!  

Studies show that listening to music while studying can improve the amount of information you recall, so I’ve compiled a list of the best music to listen to while studying. Below are five playlists to make your study session more productive and enjoyable. 

Brain Food  

Brain Food is perfect for those who enjoy listening to music but don’t want to get distracted by lyrics. This playlist is comprised of countless lyric free songs that are categorized under the “hypnotic electronic” genre. It’ll have you feeling calm and focused while being sure to keep you in the studying mood.   

How to listen: Spotify  


Instrumental Study  

Instrumental Study is a 12-hour long playlist created by Spotify, and it’s described as a “soft musical backdrop” for studying. The songs feature soothing instrumentals that allow you to remain alert while also helping you focus. With a total of 289 songs to choose from, you are certain to never get bored. I personally enjoyed listening to this during long work periods.    

How to listen: Spotify 


Cool Jazz for Studying   

Jazz is a great genre to listen to if you want to try something different from the typical study playlists. This 1-hour playlist consists of soft jazz instrumentals that feature a variety of instruments to keep you focused and on your toes. 

How to listen: Apple Music 


Chillhop Lofi Beats   

Lofi is great for those who enjoy the hip hop genre. This playlist includes more upbeat songs with few lyrics, so you don’t dance too much. It is a chill playlist that takes you to the study zone. Listen to this if you are looking for music to keep you energized during a heavy study session.   

How to listen: Apple Music 


Pop Study   

Pop Study features some of the most popular pop songs of the last year. You’re sure to recognize many of the songs on this list ranging from Billie Eilish to Ed Sheeran. Considering that many of these songs include lyrics, I recommend listening to this during a quick study review.   

How to listen: Spotify 

The Great British Sewing Bee


All of the playlists featured are available on Spotify and Apple Music, they’re the perfect motivation to get you settled into study mode! 

Ese U. Marketing Intern. Pop culture enthusiast, movie aficionado, and music connoisseur.




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