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9 Reasons to Use the GED+ Study Program

March 16, 2022

Earning your GED will benefit your personal and professional life in so many ways. It will allow you to attend college and, if the score is high enough, you can apply for scholarships to pay your way. A college degree can lead to higher-paying positions and career advancement. You’ll also feel empowered as you set an important goal and see it through. But how do you get there? The GED+ study program is a step-by-step, all-inclusive preparation program that sets you up for success. Here’s how GED+ can work for you.

1. A Personal GED Advisor

When you enroll in GED+, you’ll be paired with a dedicated GED expert. Your personal advisor guides and encourages you from the very beginning. What are your goals? Your advisor will go over those and discuss your strengths and opportunities for growth. You’ll both devise a plan to get where you want to go professionally and find ways to stay on track.

This is a comprehensive process. No two students are the same, so each advising session should be customized to fit your personal needs—including requesting a bilingual advisor. These sessions are usually once a week and focus on motivation and encouragement. Your GED journey starts here. 

2. Official Practice Tests

Once your advisor begins the process, they’re with you from start to finish. The next step is to sign you up for a practice test. You’ll go over test-taking strategies with your advisor and then take the test in a pressure-free environment. This confidence-building exercise will help you better understand what you know and need to know when you obtain the results.  After you get your scores, you’ll receive appropriate study material to begin preparation where you need it. You’re off to a great start! 

3. Comprehensive Study Tools

The GED+ study program includes top-rated course materials for each subject. This saves you money and time rather than buying each item separately. Before you begin studying, talk to your advisor and make any positive changes to help you focus on the GED for at least 20 minutes each day. Such changes might include: 

  • Getting a good night’s sleep. 
  • Drinking plenty of water every day. 
  • Maintaining a healthy diet. 
  • Setting aside a quiet place for studying. 
  • Limiting distractions like television, music, and electronic devices. 
  • Learning healthy and effective stress-reducing activities. 

4. Test Until You Pass

The cost of the program includes any retakes you might need. With the test pass guarantee, you don’t have to cause yourself undue stress as you study and prepare. This allows you to fully concentrate on what you’re learning without financial or academic pressure. There is no extra charge or deadline! You’ll improve along the way and stay motivated to keep going. Each of your successes will be a step in the right direction. 

5. 1-On-1 Tutoring

What if you need a little extra help? Many students have been out of school for a while and need a GED tutor for personalized instruction. No problem! Improving along the way is huge. Your tutor will help you do it. This is part of the program and commitment to help each student as they move through this journey to success. Experienced tutors work with you and help you tackle tough topics. 

6. Step-By-Step Guidance

We don’t just hand you prep materials and send you on your way. Your advisor and tutor are in this with you every step of your journey. They guide you through each part of our program until you’ve achieved your goals.

7. An All-Inclusive Program

From start to finish, the GED+ program covers it all. It’s the only all-inclusive solution that guides you from prep to graduation. You’ll get study tips, test-taking strategies, and subject guidelines. Every facet of this program comes directly from the creators of the GED test.

8. A Higher Pass Rate

You’ve got an advisor, peers, and an entire community supporting you on your journey. That’s why those who use GED+ are twice as likely to earn their GED than those who study on their own.

9. A Peace-Of-Mind Guarantee

This is the only program that gives you access to everything you need, for as long as you need, until you pass. Things come up: job changes, medical emergencies, family issues. The last thing you want is pressure on top of pressure. You work at your own pace and go along at the speed that feels comfortable. There’s no deadline to your dreams.


Sign up for a stellar start-to-pass program that gets you to the finish line. Contact GED to learn more. 


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