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4 Study Apps to Help You Pass the GED

March 30, 2021

As a someone who’s just gotten her college degree after years of blood, sweat, and maybe a few tears (literally), I know just how important it is to find a schedule and tools that work for you. There are many benefits of using apps to help you study.  

For exampleapps can help you work on procrastinating less (we’ve all been there)Whether you need help being organized or staying on task, there are a multitude of resources out there for you!   

Here are four free, and I mean FREE, apps and study tools that will help you be successful on your educational journey. I personally love and use all these study tools. 


What: A lot of you may be familiar with Quizlet during your last-ditch attempt to study for a big test, but it can also be used to study ahead of time. It allows anyone to create a set of flashcards to help them study, or search for flashcard sets made by others for any class or subject.  

Best Features: Some perks include being able to utilize the text to speech function, add photos to your study sets, or star important terms.  

Is it For You?: Quizlet is great for people who need a quick review of their material prior to a major test or quiz. Basically, there’s no reason not to pass when using this amazing app. 


What: Flora is one of my favorites, because it blocks distracting apps on your phone and prevents you from going on them while working 

Best Features: Not only does it block apps for you, such as social media or games, but you can also set a specific amount of time that you want to focus. There’s even a virtual tree that grows the longer you stay focused! If you leave Flora to go on one of your blocked apps, the tree dies, creating a real consequence for not staying on task. So, save the planet! 

Some other features include being able to challenge friends, create to do lists, and you can also pay to plant real trees anywhere in the world!  

Is it For You?: This app is a good tool for those of us who are easily distracted. Use Flora if you want to get good grades while also getting a green thumb. Talk about saving trees, am I right?  


What: As someone who loves keeping digital notes for everything, I really enjoyed using Notion! This is truly an all-in-one note taking app.  

Best Features: In addition to being able to take notes, Notion is a planner, journal, database, habit tracker, calendar and so much more. It allows for customization so you can tailor it to best suit your style.  

Is it For You?: I recommend Notion to anyone who likes to keep all their notes in one place. It’s perfect if you’re a student who likes to keep a digital planner or take online notes.   


What: Xmind is a study tool that focuses on creating mind maps. Mind maps are used to visually organize information and allows you to see the relationships between different topics 

Creating mind maps is great not only for studying, but also planning out projects or working with a team. Now you can finally answer the age-old question, can you compare apples to oranges?  

Best Features: In the free version of the app, you can insert notes, markers, stickers, and hyperlinks. You’re also able to add labels to your topics and download your maps to look back at later.  

Is it For You?: Xmind is a great tool if you like to learn by visualizing topics or enjoy breaking down complex information.   


Make sure to check out all the study tools above and get started on your student journey. It’s not easy but it is worth it. Good luck!  

 *All recommendations are available for iOS and Android users.   

Ese U. Marketing Intern. Pop culture enthusiast, movie aficionado, and music connoisseur.




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