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GEDWorks™ Graduate Stories

  • Brandy G

    “With GEDWorks, everything I needed was at my fingertips. If I needed additional help, my advisor was there to provide resources to gain knowledge and answer questions. Soon enough, I felt comfortable to schedule my GED test and pass.”

  • Nancy

    “Don't let nervousness stop you from trying – it doesn't hurt to try. The GEDWorks program is amazing! It keeps you on track and helps you graduate quickly.”

  • Aaron

    “The best thing for me at Chili’s was that they helped me get my GED.”

  • Ellie

    “I went from living in a shelter to being a graduate, thanks to the GEDWorks program through my job at Amazon. Being offered an education was a priceless gift. My advisor was like an angel guiding me all the way!”

  • Olesia

    “Knowing that I could get my GED for free through GEDWorks, thanks to my employer, Amazon, felt like a strong shoulder to lean on.”

  • Shanice

    “You never know where the GED can lead you in life, the doors that it can open for you. So why not take advantage of the GEDWorks program to get your GED for free?!”

  • Jesus S.

    “I started high school but there were so many reasons I stopped going and then it was too late to catch up. Having my GED means I did my education and can focus on career and family now.”

  • Blanca Santamaria

    “I was grateful that KFC offered the GEDWorks program for employees. I wanted to better myself, starting with education by getting my GED credential.”

  • Sunny - Amazon

    “I’m thankful that Amazon provides the GEDWorks program. With my GED I can go to college and be a role model for my kids.”

  • Lily - Pizza Hut

    “In school, it just didn’t click for me when someone tried to teach everybody instead of one person. My learning style is more one-on-one and hands-on. With GEDWorks, I was able to get my high school credential by studying independently. My family and the whole team at Pizza Hut cheered me on.”

  • Kelly - UCare

    “A million times thank you to UCare for supporting me through health challenges and helping improve my life through education.”

  • Bianca - Taco Bell

    “Thanks to Taco Bell’s support, the GED has opened many doors for me. I’ll be able to go to college now!”