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You never know where the GED can lead you in life, the doors that it can open for you. So why not take advantage of the GEDWorks program to get your GED for free?!

Shanice discovered the GEDWorks™ program through Career Choice at Amazon. She was looking for ways to improve her qualifications, aspiring toward a higher paying job. The GED® was her educational stepping stone to different career pathways.  

Shanice was pleasantly surprised to learn that her employer covered the cost of preparing for and obtaining the GED. She reflects on this benefit as something that “has positive effects externally on the company itself and its people, helping the economy and making things better than they were before.” 

Shanice has always been a strong student but since she didn’t go to school in the United States—she grew up in Jamaica—her diploma didn’t carry over. The GED was a well-recognized way for her to demonstrate what she already knew. Still, the test required preparation; she had to be disciplined to find the time necessary after long workdays to study a couple hours daily. She appreciated being able to prep and test online. Knowing she could simply focus on her studies without worrying about getting somewhere, finding a classroom, losing time on the back and forth, etc.  

Shanice’s motivation paid off. She passed the test with flying colors—GED College Ready Score Level, which meant that she could get into college and earn her degree faster. Shanice is excited to enroll in a coding program to get into a career in the tech industry.