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Knowing that I could get my GED for free through GEDWorks, thanks to my employer, Amazon, felt like a strong shoulder to lean on.

Olesia first heard about GEDWorks while working at Amazon. She was thrilled to know that her employer covered the cost of the program. She had achieved her high school and bachelor’s degree in Ukraine, but since those diplomas do not transfer over directly, she needed a high school credential in the United States to continue in her career.  

Throughout her GEDWorks experience, she felt supported and well prepared at every step of the way. Her advisor was encouraging and the study materials were convenient and easy to follow.  

Juggling work, studying, and home life was challenging. Somehow Olesia always managed to find the time to support her daughter, do her job well, and put in the hours necessary to pass the GED test.  

Olesia’s dedication paid off—she completed her GED two months sooner than planned! She stayed strong to make herself and her daughter proud.  

Passing the test was an intense feeling; she felt overwhelmed. She was excited to share the news with friends and celebrate all together! Her next step is college to study IT.  

Olesia’s advice for fellow students is to never give up. Sometimes it can be very hard, but things get better. It’s important to think of all the people who support us and appreciate the positive moments in life.