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Turnkey education program to improve your members’ health and livelihood.

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Investing in Your Members Pays Off

Partnering with GEDWorks to help your members earn their GED brings better health and economic opportunities to them.

  • Stand Out as a Health Plan of Choice

    Show members that their well-being is your top priority. They will be grateful for your support as they progress in their education with GEDWorks.

  • Remove Barriers for Members to Succeed

    Having a GED opens doors to higher education and career opportunities with new skills and better wages.

  • Boost Confidence and Earning Potential

    GEDWorks helps participants build a brighter future with stronger financial security, contributing to the growth of their community and beyond.

Partner Spotlight

  • Easy-to-Use Admin Portal

    The UCare customized GEDWorks portal makes it easy and simple to review and approve new applicants to join the program.
  • Healthier Members

    Access to a high school equivalency credential gives members the chance to build confidence and make better decisions about their lifestyles.
  • New Opportunities

    Members say that earning the GED has removed the main barrier for employment opportunities, making them eligible for new positions that they couldn’t consider before.

Improving Health Equity for UCare Members

As an independent non-profit health plan serving more than 260,000 Medicaid members in Minnesota, UCare identified education as one key social determinant of health that has a direct impact on the job market, economy, health, and mental well-being of their members.

In 2019, UCare launched a GEDWorks pilot program to a subset of their members, and in six months had already started expanding to offer GEDWorks to more members across the state. After just nine months, they grew the overall seat capacity by 50% to meet the increasing demand from members.


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A life-changing program for members

  • Improved Lifestyle

    Individuals with a high school diploma have fewer chronic health conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease.

  • More Education = More Income

    Having a high school diploma or GED increases earning power by 37.5% — a nearly $10,000 per year median wage increase.

  • Increased Longevity

    People who earn a high school diploma and a college degree live 5 years longer than those who don’t finish high school.

What people are saying:

  • “Our UCare GED grads now have the achievements, tools and confidence to go to college, elevate their careers and achieve their best health and quality of life.”

    – Jennifer Garber, UCare
  • “I was impressed with how simple the program was. I also loved that there was an advisor to answer questions; that was really helpful and made everything a lot easier.”

    – Lydia, GEDWorks Graduate, UCare

Discover life-changing education benefits for your members.