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Don't let nervousness stop you from trying – it doesn't hurt to try. The GEDWorks program is amazing! It keeps you on track and helps you graduate quickly.

Nancy found out about GEDWorks™ through her work at DPR Construction. Her coworker and best friend said to Nancy: “If you get your GED, I’ll get mine too. Let’s do this together!” And so, the success story began…

Nancy always had the GED® on her mind ever since she left high school, but the cost was too high to do it all on her own. When she learned that her employer paid for the GEDWorks program and she could get study materials, practice tests, advising, and the GED test without paying a penny, she signed right up!

Seeing their mom going for her GED motivated Nancy’s younger daughter to stay in high school even though she was having a hard time; and it motivated her older daughter to complete her GED as well. They wanted to make each other proud!

Nancy was glad to see how easy it was to get started. Her GED advisor sent everything by email and Nancy took the GED Ready® practice test at the beginning. Having read reviews from previous students, she felt confident that passing the practice test meant that she could try taking the real test and pass.

Nancy also used GED Flash™ interactive flash cards to brush up on high school knowledge; she was 32 so it had been a while since she studied the concepts. Nancy appreciated how much time GED Flash saved her because the cards helped her practice exactly what was on the test.

The journey of preparation and testing went smoothly for Nancy thanks to her employer’s flexibility and encouragement. She was able to adjust her schedule to fit in studying, and the team at DPR Construction supported her and cheered her on. They even took her out to a fancy dinner to celebrate Nancy’s graduation!

Nancy was so happy about passing the GED test on her first try that she cried and jumped for joy, immediately sharing the good news with her family and friends. Nancy shared some advice for GED hopefuls:

“Don’t let nervousness stop you from trying – it doesn’t hurt to try. The GEDWorks program is amazing! It keeps you on track and helps you graduate quickly.”

Nancy’s next step is to work a lot on math skills – even though it’s the toughest subject for her – in order to qualify for a project engineer role and advance in her career.